Today's Date:September 24, 2023
Crypto Twitter Reacts to UST Collapse and Market Meltdown

Crypto Twitter Reacts to UST Collapse and Market Meltdown

Insights, warnings, and revenge were all on the table as Crypto Twitter watched Terra’s stablecoin plummet in real time.

Crypto Twitter was at that point working on all chambers yesterday, as Bitcoin and other top cryptographic forms of money dove toward lows not seen in the north of a year. Then, at that point, Terra’s stablecoin, UST, tumbled off a precipice, and the virtual entertainment stage buzzed into overdrive.

UST, intended to hold at the worth of the U.S. dollar, tumbled from an unsettling $0.985 to a stunning $.90, then, at that point, to $.85, then, at that point, to $.80, then, at that point, even lower. As the once-steady coin completely depegged from the U.S. dollar, dipping under $.70 late Monday, Crypto Twitter’s occupant specialists, partners, antagonists, and savages were by and large present to handle the noteworthy catastrophe progressively.

Questions flourished as UST started, and afterward proceeded, to dive: How could a stable coin become so … unsteady? Why hasn’t it halted? For what reason did this happen to UST and not other stablecoins attached to the dollar?

Aztec’s Jonathan Wu provided a clarifying crash course that analyzed the depegging in real time. 

Likewise with any hardship sifted through Twitter, responses to UST’s breakdown accumulated heapings-on of both concern and pompous entertainment. Some, such as Ryan Selkis, the pioneer behind Messari Crypto, cautioned the ramifications of the day’s occasions could wind a long way past Terra’s prosperity or disappointment.

Crypto Twitter Reacts to UST Collapse and Market Meltdown

In addition to financial consequences, Arthur Breitman, founder of Tezos, predicted a backlash in public perception for all crypto stakeholders.

Twitter’s crypto citizens gripped their screens as UST fell lower and lower, every hour bringing a new, unheard-of reality. As observed by crypto journalist Laura Shin, what was apocalyptic at 5 p.m., was a miracle by 6 p.m.

Be that as it may, for all the frenzy encompassing the day’s occasions, industry pioneers professed to be determined. Sam Bankman-Fried, the organizer behind FTX, contended the breakdown of a stable coin was bound to happen.

And Mark Cuban postulated that the seemingly unprecedented moment in crypto history actually rhymed with the early-2000s growing pains of Web 2.

Avalanche co-founder Emin Gün Sirer even argued the event had precedent within the context of crypto and stable coins.

Nonetheless, such contextualizing didn’t stave off the many denizens of Crypto Twitter wary of Terra co-founder Do Kwon’s very public, real-time handling of UST’s disintegration. As Kwon live-tweeted Terra-supporting Luna Foundation Guard’s (ultimately unsuccessful) efforts to loan billions to shore up the stablecoin, some couldn’t help but point out the naked inconsistencies exposed by the strategy.

And, because it’s Twitter, some couldn’t help but leverage the moment for a little sweet revenge. Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, resurfaced an old tweet in which Kwon made a passing comment about buying ADA, Cardano’s cryptocurrency, for negative correlation with Terra’s own coin, LUNA (implying that ADA’s decline was a natural byproduct of LUNA’s rise). Hoskinson tossed one more straw on Kwon’s back, as UST and LUNA nosedived.

As of this writing, UST had returned to a price of $.82.

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