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Jack Dorsey: 'projects built On Ethereum have at least one, if not many, single points of failure'

Jack Dorsey: ‘projects built On Ethereum have at least one, if not many, single points of failure’

Block CEO Jack Dorsey has laid into Ethereum before, but this is the first time he’s shared his criticisms of the number two crypto network.

Twitter fellow benefactor and Block CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted a cruel analysis of Ethereum throughout the end of the week, saying that the blockchain “has many weak links” and ventures based on Ethereum are “not fascinating” to him.

Dorsey isn’t known for his Twitter bashfulness. Last week, he hauled the Robinhood exchanging application and its CEO, Vladimir Tenev. Before keep going Christmas, he hopped on a crypto string by artist Cardi B to lambast Web3 investment firms.

Dorsey is a pleased Bitcoin maximalist and says any remaining digital forms of money “don’t factor in by any means.”

The previous summer, he said “no” when somebody tweeted that it was “just a short time” before the Block CEO put resources into Ethereum. A month and a half later, he not-incidentally shared an enemy of Ethereum tweet.

Still, Dorsey’s criticisms of the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency remained obscure—until last weekend. 

Dorsey’s beef with Ethereum

Jack Dorsey: 'projects built On Ethereum have at least one, if not many, single points of failure'

It started with a tweet from Ethereum co-creator Vitalik Buterin. Buterin alluded to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s new acquisition of a 9.2% stake in Twitter, which a few groups, including Dogecoin co-maker Jackson Palmer, accept could prompt a takeover.

Buterin composed that while he isn’t going against on a basic level Musk assuming control over Twitter, he fears the move would start a perilous trend for less liberal people and associations.

Dorsey answered “same” and, in another tweet, added: “I’m [sic] accept no individual or foundations ought to claim web-based entertainment, or all the more by and large media organizations. It ought to be an open and evident convention. Everything is a stage toward that.”

Now, Deso, the crypto-controlled informal organization previously known as BitClout, bounced on the string to do some self-advancement.

Jack replied that if DeSo is an Ethereum protocol, he’s not interested. Fortunately for DeSo, it’s not

Jack Dorsey’s Decentralized Twitter

Prior to leaving Twitter last November, Dorsey had needed to plan a decentralized norm for web-based entertainment stages to adjust to.

In 2019, he subsidized a drive called “Blue Sky,” drove by Twitter’s then-CTO Paral Agrawal, to run after this objective.

In August 2021, Dorsey tapped Jay Graber, maker of occasions informal organization Happening, who took over from Agrawal as task lead. Agrawal then, at that point, became Twitter CEO after Dorsey’s takeoff.

If you have any desire to peruse more about how very rich people imagine a decentralized and Web3-coordinated Twitter, look at the previous Crypto Twitter roundup, where we covered Tron CEO Justin Sun and FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried’s ideas.

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