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Michael Saylor Says It’s ‘Ideal Entry Point’ For Bitcoin

Michael Saylor Says It’s ‘Ideal Entry Point’ For Bitcoin

In a new meeting to CNCB, MicroStrategy boss Michael Saylor responded to an inquiry regarding what is happening with his organization and the immense interest in BTC it has made since August 2020.

Saylor expressed that since that time, Bitcoin has shown improvement over some other resource, referencing S&P 500, gold and Nasdaq 100 record.

Michael Saylor gave a few explicit figures – gold is down 10%, since August 2020, Nasdaq is level, and Bitcoin is up 86% since that time.

He is confident that Bitcoin is the best-performing asset over any time period – 2 years, 4 years, 8 years, etc, and he simply “cannot come up with a better idea” than to choose it for MicroStrategy’s investment.

Michael Saylor Says It’s ‘Ideal Entry Point’ For Bitcoin

Staying away from an explicit reply to the inquiry assuming that he considers purchasing more BTC for the organization now, Saylor expressed that for one-month speculation, Bitcoin might appear to be an unsafe unstable resource, yet for a financial backer with a period of a decade, it is a gamble off a store of the significant worth resource.

“No one has at any point lost cash putting resources into Bitcoin for a long time,” he guaranteed, proposing that this period is an insignificant one for purchasing BTC. He has likewise expressed that for Bitcoin the $21,685 level is a basic moving normal for a time of four years. BTC has just contacted this level a couple of times ever, and it has done it now.

So Saylor has called this price level “a great buying opportunity” and “an ideal entry point”.

Prominent Bitcoin hater and a gold bug Peter Schiff has criticized Saylor in a recent tweet for pumping Bitcoin on CNBC again and slamming gold.

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