Today's Date:November 29, 2023
Polygon Launches 'The Green Manifesto' To Reduce Carbon Footprints in 2022

Polygon Launches ‘The Green Manifesto’ To Reduce Carbon Footprints in 2022

Polygon ($MATIC), is a decentralized Ethereum scaling platform based on Proof-of-Stake scaling solution. Polygon announced its launch of The Green Manifesto: a smart contract with Planet Earth to commit to becoming carbon-negative in 2022. The ecosystem has also committed $20 million to implement sustainable development strategies. 

What is The Green Manifesto?

The Green Manifesto reveals Polygon’s mission of wanting to become the first blockchain to be climate positive and carbon negative in order to expand the Web3 worldwide and prevent climate problems.

Polygon Launches 'The Green Manifesto' To Reduce Carbon Footprints in 2022

In the carbon footprint comparison mentioned on polygon’s site, in 2021, Polygon is reported to have emitted a total of 90,645 T/CO2e between transaction, checkpointing, hardware, and bridging while major organizations like Microsoft have recorded over 10,900,000 T/CO2e. The $20 million committed to sustainable development will be used to:

  • Offset Polygon’s carbon footprint, and buy extra credits to become carbon negative;
  • Community initiatives such as encouraging Polygon ecosystem partners to also make the pledge;
  • Providing resources for ecosystem partners who want to offset their carbon footprint;
  • Providing easy donations for NGOs fighting climate change. (through Polygon DAO).

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