Today's Date:March 27, 2023
Popular NFT Artist Beeple’s Twitter Account Got Hacked

Popular NFT Artist Beeple’s Twitter Account Got Hacked

The record briefly was connected to a dodgy site that took more than $70,000 in crypto.

Advanced craftsman Beeple’s Twitter account was hacked today as a component of a phishing trick that seems to have taken more than $70,000 in Ethereum.

As per the NFT craftsman and others on Twitter — including Harry Denley, a security master at digital currency wallet MetaMask — Beeple’s record briefly shared phishing join that, whenever tapped on, would take clients’ crypto.

The tweet shared a link to a dodgy website pretending to be a “raffle” of Beeple’s Louis Vuitton collaboration (Beeple first collaborated with the fashion brand back in 2019). But when people clicked on the link, one Ethereum was automatically drained from their wallets, according to Denley.

Popular NFT Artist Beeple’s Twitter Account Got Hacked
Via Digital Information World.

Ethereum is the second biggest digital currency by market cap and the blockchain whereupon most NFTs are fabricated. At season of composing, one Ethereum merited somewhat more than $2,000.

Denley added that over $50,000 in Ethereum had been stolen and that bad actors continued to use Beeple’s Twitter account for another, more “sophisticated” scam—$72,165.60 total had been stolen by the address when last checked.

Beeple later tweeted that his record had returned to ordinary and “we have control currently,” adding: “Remain protected out there, anything unrealistic IS A FUCKING SCAM.”

Such scams are common in the crypto world, especially via Twitter. Just in March, a phishing scam hacked verified accounts to steal over $1 million in a fake ApeCoin airdrop. 

Beeple, genuine name Mike Winkelmann, is a well known computerized craftsman who impelled NFTs (non-fungible tokens) into the standard. Last year, he sold a NFT fine art for $69.3 million at Christie’s closeout house, crushing records in the computerized craftsmanship world.

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