Today's Date:November 29, 2023
RTFKT Studio Buys ‘DotSwoosh.ETH’ ENS Domain For $35,000

RTFKT Studio Buys ‘DotSwoosh.ETH’ ENS Domain For $35,000

Web3 brand RTFKT now owns 10 Ethereum Name Service domains.

RTFKT, Nike’s Web3 arm, presently possesses 10 Ethereum Name Service (ENS) areas following the acquisition of dotswoosh. eth for 19.72 ETH, generally $35,000. RTFKT is articulated as “antique.”

Nike’s exact reason for the dotswoosh purchase on Friday remains unclear. But as some have pointed out on Twitter, Nike may have plans to use the domain for issuing ENS subdomains in the future. ENS subdomains are controlled by the main domain name holder.

For instance, Nike could permit holders of explicit NFTs or different resources the capacity to enroll an ENS subdomain under dotswoosh.eth (kate.dotswoosh.eth would be one such model).

Visual planner Carolyn Davidson made Nike’s notorious swoosh logo back in 1971 and was supposedly just paid $35 for her work. So Nike’s 19.72 ETH price tag might be a sign of approval for the year 1972, which was the point at which Davidson’s swoosh logo initially showed up on shoes.

RTFKT Studio Buys ‘DotSwoosh.ETH’ ENS Domain For $35,000
Via Coincu News.

In addition to dotswoosh.eth, RTFKT also owns artifacts.eth, rtfkt.eth, skinvial.eth, drmos.eth, mintvial.eth, dreamos.eth, spacedrip.eth, dripcoin.eth, and m2tekno.eth.

Nike’s ENS has do have all the earmarks of being an impact of a bigger system in light of its ongoing property. The Mint Vial is possible a reference to the CloneX Mint Vial Ethereum NFTs, which can be singed to make an extraordinary CloneX symbol NFT.

Space Drip is a reference to Nike’s Space Drip NFTs, which are digital shoe NFTs that allow the holder to “forge” a physical version of the sneakers. RTFKT’s Skin Vials are also NFTs that can be burned to change the look of Nike’s RTFKT CryptoKicks, which launched last month.

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