Today's Date:December 11, 2023
Sam Bankman Fried FTX Collapse

Sam Bankman or His Inner Circle Won’t Be Paid As Per FTX Bankruptcy Filling

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman- Fried was right about one thing He and his inner circle won’t see any
further plutocrats from the company. FTX spelled out in a court form over the weekend that neither BankmanFried nor the three lately fired members of his inner circle( nor their family members) will see any compensation from the now-void company. The way Bankman- Fried put it on November 10, the day before FTX filed for ruin and he abnegated as CEO, making druggies total comes first.

“ After that, investors — old and new — and workers who have fought for what’s right in their career, and who was n’t responsible for any of the fuck ups, ” he wrote on Twitter. At the time he was still CEO and hadn’t yet blazoned that the company was filing for ruin. Since also, FTX has taken way to the part itself from Bankman- Fried.

Bahamian controllers denied and also verified that they ordered workers to move hundreds of millions worth of finances in unauthorized deals the same day the company filed for Chapter 11 protection on November 11. Now, the company is making it crystal clear that, at least in this, Bankman- Fried’s words will hold true “ No quantities will be paid under the authority requested by this stir to any of the following persons or any person known by the debtors to have a domestic relationship to any of Samuel Bankman- Fried, Gary Wang, Nishad Singh or Caroline Ellison, ” moment’s form reads.

An FTX prophet verified that co-founder and principal technology officer Gary Wang, negotiating director Nishad Singh, and Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison were terminated on Friday, November 18, in a Wall Street Journal report.

The veritably pointed rejection of Bankman- Fried and his inner circle appeared in a stir from FTX to pay workers what they’re owed for work done before the company filed for ruin and to continue paying compensation and benefits during the court proceeding.

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