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Solana Changes Their Twitter Name To ‘Solano’ After Jack Dorsey Misspells It

Solana Changes Their Twitter Name To ‘Solano’ After Jack Dorsey Misspells It

The brief move is a facetious hug of Dorsey’s public diss of the blockchain, and Solana fans are partaking in the joke.

Outages and safety ratings may break Solana’s bones, but words will never hurt it. And Solana has a sense of humor.

The Layer-1 blockchain has flippantly renamed itself Solano on Twitter after Jack Dorsey incorrectly spelled the digital currency’s name in a twitter string.

Dorsey, a prominent Bitcoin maximalist, has regularly criticized all digital currencies and chains other than Bitcoin as sub-par and questionable. On Friday, the Twitter prime supporter reported Block auxiliary TBD’s expectation to make Web5, an “extra decentralized” stage worked on the Bitcoin blockchain to cure what Dorsey sees as Web3’s disappointments to safeguard clients’ protection and individual information. Web3 is shorthand for the following emphasis of the web that sudden spikes in demand for blockchains.

In articulating the requirement for a supposed “Web5,” Dorsey explicitly got down on Web3’s ongoing reliance on blockchains with weak links, like Ethereum and Solana. Be that as it may, he incorrectly spelled Solana as “Solano.”

A blameless error, maybe? Or on the other hand a schoolyard strategy to disparage a foe whose name you lack the memorable opportunity?

Solana Changes Their Twitter Name To ‘Solano’ After Jack Dorsey Misspells It
Via Decrypt.

Either way, Solana couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn the call-out into a viral moment. 

Soon after Dorsey’s tweet on Friday, Solana changed its Twitter show name to Solano. Crypto Twitter immediately held onto on the chain’s hug of Dorsey’s diss, with many presently referring to it as “Solano” to proceed with the joke.

Solana’s co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has become known for not holding back when it comes to speaking on behalf of the company.

Solana’s site actually alludes to the blockchain by its unique name, yet it will be enjoyable to perceive how long Solana keeps the name change on Twitter.

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